Australia Day was such a beautiful day the wife and I decided to go for a drive to Mclaren Vale. Not just a random trip either. Nope, the wife specifically wanted to try out Pizzateca. She said she heard a lot of good reviews about it and wanted to try them out. I figured, why not, it would be an excellent opportunity for a Pizzateca review.

My Pizzateca Review

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McLaren Vale is always beautiful, so the drive through the region was most enjoyable. As we drove up to the restaurant, I noticed it was pretty full. I turned to the wife and told her we had Buckley’s of getting a table. She then admitted that you needed to book well in advance if you wanted an outdoor seating. We parked the car in the hope of finding a table inside.

“Table for two,” I said to the lovely lady that came up to us. “Certainly,” she replied as she lead us to our table. A menu was supplied, with a bottle of water and we were left to decide what to have for lunch.

We settled for arancini to share and I went for the Quattro Formaggio while the wife decided on the Salami pizza. We figured we could share them anyway. According to the menu, Vito suggested adding olives to the Quatro Formaggio, and I just thought what the heck, Vito would know best, right? As it turns out, Vito was right.

As for wine, I selected the local Shiraz, specifically the V.MITOLO & SON PIZZA ROSSO SHIRAZ. The wife decided on the prosecco and peach nectar.

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Pizzateca Food Review

While we were waiting, we saw a waitress carrying one of the pizza. Oops we thought, we probably could have shared one. Oh well, shit happens right. The pizza promptly served, and it was two, four, six, eight, bog in don’t wait.

My Quattro Formaggio was divine, and yes the olives certainly set it off. Truthfully though, and this is nothing against the chief pizza maker, it was a little rich and is probably best shared with others. I tried the wife’s salami pizza, and that was also delicious.

One thing to note, their pizza is not your typical pizza with heaps of topping. The Pizzateca pizza is more traditional Italian and best folded or eaten with knife and fork. Our waiter did bring this to our attention, but we’ve had traditional pizza before so was well aware of the fact.

After ordering dessert, limoncello infused ricotta and rice cake; we noticed a waitress with Bialetti two cup coffee maker! “Could we have one of those,” we asked? Sure thing. Whoo, hoo! It’s great to have a good cup of espresso after a good meal.

We were just about to ask for the bill when they asked if we would like a complimentary glass of Limoncello. Are you kidding me, complimentary and Limoncello in one breath? I reckon my face must have been beaming. It was so sublime I wanted to buy a bottle. Unfortunately, they couldn’t sell it which was why they were happy to offer the fruit of Nonno’s labours for free.

My Pizzateca review summation: I cannot fault Pizzateca, the food was excellent, as was the service and the ambience. If you’re ever in the area, you will do well to drop in.

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Pizzateca address: 319 Chalk Hill Road, McLaren Vale, SA 5171

Phone: 08 8323 9762


There are a lot of sites out there proclaiming the best Adelaide wedding photographer. I’m going to tell you just who I believe to be best Adelaide wedding photographer. I have some experience in the matter too as I married off my daughter a little while back. We had the reception at Ayers House. I wrote about the Ayers House food review previously and will be writing about our experience there as a wedding venue in a future post.

Best Adelaide Wedding Photographer

For our daughters wedding we chose BCaptured by Ky Luu and that was one of the best decisions we have ever made. That link will take you to his website, but he is always posting stuff on Facebook where you can see some of his latest works.

So what makes Ky the best wedding photographer in Adelaide? Ky has a flair for making his subjects feel relaxed. So much so that he accentuates the occasion rather than making the whole thing a drag. Everybody and that wedding loved being photographed by Ky.

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Ky also has a flair for positioning his subjects just right to get those special photos.

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Like all artists you need to place your subjects in such a manner that the resulting image is something memorable.

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Great wedding photographers also know how to make the best use of the existing light to make their momentous wedding photographs a work of art.

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They are able to find the perfect spot and position the newly weds just so in order to make the photograph pop!

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The best Adelaide wedding photographer is able to take great photos no matter where the wedding is. The fact that we had the wedding at Ayers House just gave Ky so many more options of getting those special wedding photographs.

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The best Adelaide wedding photographers capture those special moments when family and friends are sharing the joyous occasion.

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Ky Luu is the best wedding photographer in Adelaide because I simply can’t fault his work. The bride and groom loved him! As did everyone who were lucky enough to have him capture that special moment in time. If there was any fault to this fabulous wedding photographer, its that it’s so hard to choose the best of his photos to place in albums and posts such as this.

This is the first part of a two part post. According to their home page Ayers House is ” is a boutique wedding and events venue…the very essence of Adelaide elegance.
Seeking a glamourous venue, with the charm of a country estate, in a city location? Then you have found it! Ayers House is a grand stately mansion of Colonial Regency/Victorian opulence, beautifully restored to modern vintage style. Everything here is on a grand scale, the driveway sweeps, the chandeliers illuminate and the celebrations are legendary.”

As it happens my daughter has chosen Ayers house to host her wedding reception. Last week we, the wife and I, my daughter and future son-in-law, went to Ayers House to sample some of the food that we can select on that auspicious night.

Walking into Ayers House was like walking into a bit of the past as it is truly a piece of Adelaide history. Architecturally it is a marvel to hold. I could only hope that its cuisine was just as exquisite.

My Ayers House Food Review

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You can see in the image above exactly what we were presented with. We were more than happy to share each others dishes so we could sample as much of the cuisine that will be on offer on the night.


Silver Whiting Fillets Crumbed & Pan Fried

on a salad of roasted zucchini, almonds, parsley & pancetta with basil & tomato dressing


Goats Cheese Souffle Twice Baked

with baby beetroots, pickled pumpkin, tomato/mint salad & green tahini dressing (V) (GF)

For me the silver whiting was favourite. It was exquisite and truly a taste sensation. That’s not to say that the souffle was nice, just that it wasn’t as nice. The only thing that I thought was a little weird is what I thing was the pickled pumpkin.


Chargrilled Fillet Of Beef

with broccolini, bacon jam, slow roasted tomatoes & basil butter (GF)


Roasted Chicken Breast Wrapped In Prosciutto

on green pea puree with grilled baby onions, wild mushroom cream and barley crunch

The presentation of the main menu was stunning and I’m pleased to say that both dishes were received by all as very pleasurable to the palate.


White Chocolate & Honey Pannacotta

broken baklava, poached dried fruits & rosewater syrup


Belgian Chocolate Mousse Slice

with hazelnut cookies n’ cream ice cream & espresso martin syrup

Once again while both desserts were delicious the white chocolate and honey pannacotta was unanimously voted as the favourite.

We all had a great night and are now waiting with baited breath for the wedding night so that we can enjoy a great night of feasting with family and friends.

Stay tuned for part II. How good is Ayers House as a wedding venue?



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