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Goggleman To The Rescue

My dad has been suffering with dry eyes for years. He’s tried almost every eye drops under the sun but to no avail. If anything he’s found that the thing that worked the best was the saline solution that mum makes for him. But even that was short lived.

My brother did some research and he came across a very interesting site. A site that offered a product that could possibly help my father. The site offered a product designed to alleviate the dry eye problem. We had tried everything else so we thought we may as well give them Dry Eye Glasses a go.

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My dad is the guy on the right wearing his new glasses. The guy on the left is David Aulert, the Goggleman. Dave was so friendly and helpful that after trying several pairs of glasses we settled on the one that suited dad the best. Even so David said if for whatever reason we weren’t satisfied to come on back for a replacement or refund.

I rang dad a couple of days later and aced him how his new glasses were working out. He said they were great. Since putting them on he hasn’t had to use any eyedrops whatsoever! Amazing!

The reason dad was getting the dry eyes was because his ducts no longer produce enough lubricant and whatever lubricant was being produced was sucked dry by the environment. That is where the new glasses did their job. They create an air shield which protects his eyes from the environment. Wearing the glasses stops the wind and surrounding environment from drying out his eyes thereby alleviating the problem.

The Goggleman sells a lot more than just the AirShield glasses. You can see some of them in the image above. But they are just a few. The Goggleman also sells..

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses & Eyewear, Prescription Dirt Bike Goggles, Prescription Road Bike Goggles & Glasses, Prescription Snow Goggles, Prescription Sports Goggles, Prescription Surfing Goggles, Prescription Kite Surfing Goggles, Prescription Military Goggles & Eyewear, Prear, Prescription Car Racing Goggles and all associated Accessories.

They even specialise in Scuba Diving and swimming. Honestly, if you need a specialised prescription glasses you should seriously give the Goggleman a call.

Oh, did I forget to mention that you could get prescription lenses for most, possibly all, the glasses that the Goggleman sells?

Apart from finding them online you can also find them at Unit 5, 368 Main South Road Morphett Vale SA 5162

Phone 08 8326 1121

Mobile 0432970349

Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar Review

It was my wife’s birthday and I wanted to give her a treat, so I thought it would be a great idea to take the family out to dinner. After a little discussion we settled, by we I mean the wife and daughter ;), on Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar. This cafe can be found at 94 Frome St, Adelaide and you can ring them on ph 8224 0004 to make a booking.

Even though it was a Friday night we found a car park just around the corner and so  figured the fates were smiling at me and we were in for a good night. Upon entering Andre’s I found a bustling little cafe filled with what appeared to be happy patrons. Perhaps a little too happy as I found all the chatter a little loud, so much so I found it somewhat difficult to listen to our charming waitress, Still, I suppose you have to expect that in a cafe these days.

Being a special occasion, I actually married my wife on her birthday, her choice ;), we decided to go for their  menu Fisso at $59 a head. A bit pricey perhaps but like I said, I felt the fates were on our side and I was prepared for a real treat. This is basically a shared menu where they bring out a selection of foods for everyone on the table to try. This menu can be seen here, be patient it’s a little slow in loading. Thankfully this can’t be said of their service. The meals were delivered promptly and the staff were both knowledgeable and friendly. I reckon Andre’s time on Master Chef taught him a thing or two. Read the rest of this entry

Toyota Hilux Precision Driving Team Do Their Stuff

In my last post I told you about that remarkable Stunt Motorbike crew that wowed the crowd with their freestyle motorcycle prowess. While those guys were truly remarkable the video clip I’ve posted here today is just as remarkable. It’s about another four blokes only this time they’re on four wheels and not two. They’re driving hi powered utes, specifically Toyota Hilux’s

These guys are all about precision driving and I’m sure they had to practice as much as the guys on the motorcycles did, although they probably didn’t suffer as many broken bones as stuff if they got it wrong. Except maybe if they hit each other when they did those particular manoeuvres at high speed, as you’ll see in the clip.

The Toyota Hilux Precision Drivers

Like I’ve said before, there is so much to see and do at the Adelaide Royal Show! Don’t forget, if you liked this post, please share it with your friends. If you liked the video please head on over to YouTube and give it a thumbs up to show your appreciation. :)

Free Bike Motorcycle Stunts At Adelaide’s Royal Show

I wrote about the Adelaide Royal Show some time ago when I posted a video about the Sheep Shearing Demonstration and I may also have mentioned how there’s always so much going on which is why the Royal Adelaide show is so popular with both the young and old. That being the case I thought it would be a good idea to do several posts showcasing just a small portion of what actually goes on at the Show Grounds during the Royal Show.

Today’s post is about something that I found to be truly spectacular. It happened in the show grounds Main Arena and it featured four guys on motorbikes. It was the Freestyle Motor X Team and the flying stunts they pulled on their bikes was bloody amazing. There were times when the only contact they seemed to have with their bikes was from their fingertips. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword and a picture paints a thousand words but I’m telling you that a great video leaves them both for dead as far as expressions go. Check this out.

Freestyle Motor X Team At Their Best

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Esplanade Hotel Brighton

It was Sunday, it was a beautiful day and so I thought I would take my family out to lunch. Because it was such a beautiful day we decided to drive down to Brighton which I covered briefly in the the post titled The Arch Of Remembrance And Brighton Wind Chimes. On that occasion we just had an ice cream but this time we wanted a proper sit down meal. Rather than eating at one of the many cafes I thought we should give the Esplanade Hotel a go.

The hotel itself is quite impressive sitting there right on the esplanade on the corner of Jetty Rd. commanding a great view of the Jetty and surrounding seascape. The staff were very friendly and the menu had a lot to offer.

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Eating Experience At The Esplanade Hotel

I decided on the Gnocchi Genovese because I haven’t had a good plate of gnocchi in such a long time and also because I’ve never had it Genovese style. The menu described it as “potato dumplings tossed with pan fried pancetta , roasted garlic, burnt butter and sage”. The burnt butter of it sounded a bit weird but I just figured they were using a chef’s poetic licence or something. When the gnocchi arrived I was positively salivating.

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It looks good doesn’t it? Unfortunately the experience ends there. Rather than having a explosion of exquisite taste once I sampled my first morsel I was bitterly disappointed. It’s not that it tasted like shit or anything it just didn’t taste like anything. It was beyond bland, it had no flavor at all. It was like I had lost all my taste buds. I immediately looked at my meal a little closer. Rather than pancetta it looks like the chef substituted common bacon. At least the bacon had some flavor and so I wrapped what bit of bacon I had with the gnocchi so that I tasted something at least. Unfortunately I ran out of bacon pretty quickly and was left with tastless dumplings which I proceeded to eat, as I did pay for it after all.

Oh well, at least the rest of the family enjoyed their meal. The moral of this story is, if you plan on eating at the Esplanade Hotel in Brighton, stay away from the Gnocchi Genovese!

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