Small though it may be, Adelaide hosts it’s very own China Town complete with Pogoda Style Roofs and Red Lanterns. It’s really quite impressive when you stand at either of the entrances, for there are two, and I always love the feeling of awe as I walk under the pergoda style arches under the watchful eyes of the marble lions.

Although once you step into Chinatown you are not completely transferred to a traditional Chinese town, the many Chinese stores are a welcome change from traditional Adelaide. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adelaide and it’s places like Chinatown that give it a character of it’s own.

China Town

Located on Moonta St it has two pairs of Imperial guardian lions donated by the People’s Republic of China guarding the entrances at Grote and Gouger Streets.
Imperial guardian lions

Chinese restaurants, grocery stores and markets make up the majority of our Chinatown and small though it may be it adds a bit of character to our delightful city.

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