St. Patrick’s Church has a special place in my heart because that was where I committed my life to my beautiful wife. After the original church, that was located in West Terrace, got to be too small for the congregation it was decided to build a new one on Grote St. The occasion was so popular that when they were laying the foundation stone for the present church in 1912 there were over 10,000 people present.

Today it still stands out amongst the other buildings and it’s most likely one of the main reasons we chose this stunning church as the place for our wedding. We were really fortunate as we were probably one of the last ones that were able to use it for free.

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The basic floor plan is that of a ‘basilica’ that dated back to 4th century Rome. The organ at St. Patrick’s, built by William Dodd in 1900, originally resided at the Hindmarsh Square Congregational Church, but when that church closed they purchased it for St. Patrick’s and it is there to this day.
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When we were married there some 20 year ago, heck you can’t expect me to remember the exact year, I’m a bloke remember? Anyway in those days we just had to slip the priest some cash but now I think there is some cash involved for use of the church, which is understandable considering what would be involved in the upkeep of this beautiful building.


After all, as the wedding is one of the most important events in a persons life, at least for the woman, why wouldn’t you want to hold it in beautiful surroundings such as you will find at St. Patrick’s Church!

In case you are interested in St. Patrick’s for your special occasion here are some contact details for you.

Please contact the Parish Secretary,
Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 4 pm
on 8232 8688
All correspondence to The Parish Secretary,
GPO Box 1364, Adelaide 5001

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