The Arch Of Remembrance while nothing spectacular resides at the sea town of Brighton only roughly 10 minutes from Glenelg and noted for its quiet beaches and jetty fishing. This monument was built in 1964 to replace the old one which turned into a replica of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa after a violent storm.


To one side of the Arch you will find a drinking fountain that was constructed by the women of Brighton as a memorial to Kitty Whyte (Kathleen Duncan Whyte nee Mcully) who at the age of 35 dived off the jetty and was attacked and killed by a white pointer shark. 1926 saw a tragic loss of a woman who in 1919 saved a swimmer from drowning and was awarded a Grand Diploma by the Royal Life Saving Society.

Just past the Arch, as you walk down the jetty you will notice a musical hum which is the result of the controversial wind chimes, and can even take a break under the colorful ‘sails’ half way down the jetty. Most people will stop at one of the friendly cafes for a coffee and bite to eat before they continue to their next destination.

Sails On Brighton Jetty

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