On the weekend the wife and I drove down to Port Hughes, a small coastal town in the Copper Coast region of South Australia. It’s just past Moonta on The Yorke Peninsula. The tourists like coming here because of the safe swimming and for the fishing. I must admit not many people were catching fish on the jetty while I was there although some were catching crabs and squids.

Still, this post isn’t about Port Hughes it’s more about something I saw while driving up there. It looked like a large version of the Tin Man from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It was just sitting there in this huge paddock, unfortunately I was going way to fast to stop for a photo. I did notice though some other sculptures on the other side of road and made a mental note to stop for photos on the way back.

So, coming back from Port Hughes, traveling on Port Wakefield road I say these three sculptures in the following order. First there was Ned Kelly and there was a sign in front of it which said Yesterday Ned Kelly, Today John Olsen. There’s also a barrel with the label Toxic on it.


Then there’s one of what looks to be an angry rat dressed in office clothes carrying a briefcase which has stuff about contaminated waste on it.


Finally there was one of a flying saucer complete with alien pilot.


That one had Lost In Waste painted on it which I thought was pretty good at the time. All three seemed to have waste as a common theme so I presume the sculptor has a thing for people ruining this beautiful world of ours, which we all should. Anyway, if you’re heading down Port Wakefield road you may want to keep and eye out for these guys. Oh, in case you’re interested I changed the clouds in that last photo using photoshop and you can see the results of that on Photos2Blog.

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