You may remember my post Of Flying Saucers, Rats And Ned Kelly, Scenic Sights Of Adelaide where I showed you some really cool sculptures that I came across on the way to Port Hughes, well one of the small towns I passed through was Moonta. I actually stopped there to buy some cakes to have with coffee when meeting up with our friends over at Port Hughes. If only I had known they were famous for their cornish pasties I would have bought a couple of those as well.

Moonta happens to be one of the three towns known as The Copper Triangle, the other two being Kadina and Wallarroo. Although it’s some¬†165 kilometres north-northwest of Adelaide it’s well worth the trip if you like checking out old towns. While there I had a quick look at the hardware store which was also the local antique store which had a lot of unique stuff I’d never seen before. It also had your normal range of antiques. I sure wish I knew more about antiques as I’m sure they would have some stuff there that might have been worth a little cash.

While there I did manage to take a couple of photos. This first one is of the Uniting Church which is at 88 Bay Rd. As you can see from the photo it’s got a real gothic appearance. Apparently it used to be a Methodist church and was built around 1873.

Uniting Church Moonta

Another building of note is the Town Hall which also doubles as their theatre.

Moonta Theatre

Looks cool doesn’t it?¬†This building was built in 1885 and the clock tower and clock were added in 1907.

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