After leaving the 40’s Cafe we were in the car for less than a minute when I spotted the Angas Park store and as I started to pull over Nadia started to wing; “Oh dad, we just got in the car, do we have to stop already?” So I started to pull away when Anna, the wife, was saying how it’s supposed to have a huge selection of dried fruit and Nadia being on a bit of a health kick suddenly exclaims. “dried fruit, I love dried fruit!” and so I do a U turn and park under the shade of a tree. As you can see it has quite an attractive entrance but that’s nothing compared to what you get inside.


It’s not a large store but it’s packed with heaps and heaps of goodies. As you can see from just one aisle it has a whole heap of dried fruit. All of them dried and many of them covered in chocolate, both dark and white.

dried fruit

It’s not just dried fruit either, as can be seen from the photo below they also have a selection of jams, preserves, specialty olive oil and other delicacies.

Angas Park
Now I know a lot of people are looking for Bargain Holidays these days but when it comes to buyingfreckle quality you have to expect to pay that little bit extra and it’s no different at Angas Park. These guys have come a long way since they started as a humble dried fruit packing shed in 1911 on the very same site that the Factory and Angaston Retail Shop stand today. If you’re looking to buy quality sun-dried Australian fruit this is definitely the place to be.

We certainly took advantage of their delightful products. Nadia bought some dried strawberries coated in white chocolate as well as that huge chocolate freckle you see on  the right. I bought a dried fig bar covered in pink icing and Anna bought the ingredients for a Christmas pudding which came complete with a recipe. Honestly if you’re looking for something different for Christmas you should really pop in for a visit because I’m sure you will find something that will make a unique gift, especially for the kids.

Man I just love coming to the Barossa Valley.

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