This post is going to be a little different. I know many of you are probably wandering about the man behind the camera who takes these photos. Naturally I’m an Aussie, that goes without saying :lol_ee: I’m a father of two who loves telling jokes. I actually did a YouTube video of one of my favourite jokes that I thought just might amuse you.

The Old Man, The Ferrari And The Maserati 

Unlike those people who make Last Minute Holidays plan I’ve been thinking about doing a series of videos for awhile now. Whether or not I continue to paste them on this blog all depends on the comments I get from my readers.  If you happen to like the video I’d really appreciate it if you would pass it on to all your mates by either Facebook liking it or maybe even giving it a tweet or something.

Still, let’s not forget that this is a photo blog and so I can’t really write a post without including a photo of South Australia.

A Barossa Valley Vineyard

As my regular readers would know I’ve recently visited the Barossa Valley and as one os want to do when visiting that beautiful place you tend to take a lot of photos. This one is a photo of just one of the many vineyards you will see in the Barossa.


It’s just a matter of parking the car, getting out, admiring the view and then selecting the photo, or photos, that you want to take.

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