Those of you who are regulars to this blog know that I written a few posts about the Festa di Madonna Di Montevergine and you may even remember that it’s held at the St Francis of Assisi Church at Newton in south Australia. I don’t believe I’ve actually ever posted a photo of the church itself, if anything apart from mentioning the Festa the only photo of the church is to one I took of the statue at the front of the church of Jesus and St Francis.

It pains me that I still have not posted a photo of the church,for which I apologize, but I do have some nice photos of a few of the religious icons that are in the church. I assume that the guy slaying the dragon is a Saint, being in the church and all but I didn’t get the chance to see who it was.

As for the next photo the statues represents St. Francis and St. Clare.

St Francis & St ClareSt. Francis and St. Clare

Then we have one that I particularly like.


You can almost see the sadness on Mary’s face as she cradles the dead body of her son Jesus in her arms. As for the next photo, its only on display during the Festa Di Madonna Di Montevergine.

Madonna Di Montevergine

During the Festival the Madonna is carried by four people via two poles inserted in the base from the Hectorville Church to this one. You may notice a ribbon draped on the side, that is so those who wish to can pin money to it in honor of the Madonna. For those of you who are interested this is a video of some of 2011’s Festa highlights.

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