It was Sunday, it was a beautiful day and so I thought I would take my family out to lunch. Because it was such a beautiful day we decided to drive down to Brighton which I covered briefly in the the post titled The Arch Of Remembrance And Brighton Wind Chimes. On that occasion we just had an ice cream but this time we wanted a proper sit down meal. Rather than eating at one of the many cafes I thought we should give the Esplanade Hotel a go.

The hotel itself is quite impressive sitting there right on the esplanade on the corner of Jetty Rd. commanding a great view of the Jetty and surrounding seascape. The staff were very friendly and the menu had a lot to offer.

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Eating Experience At The Esplanade Hotel

I decided on the Gnocchi Genovese because I haven’t had a good plate of gnocchi in such a long time and also because I’ve never had it Genovese style. The menu described it as “potato dumplings tossed with pan fried pancetta , roasted garlic, burnt butter and sage”. The burnt butter of it sounded a bit weird but I just figured they were using a chef’s poetic licence or something. When the gnocchi arrived I was positively salivating.

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It looks good doesn’t it? Unfortunately the experience ends there. Rather than having a explosion of exquisite taste once I sampled my first morsel I was bitterly disappointed. It’s not that it tasted like shit or anything it just didn’t taste like anything. It was beyond bland, it had no flavor at all. It was like I had lost all my taste buds. I immediately looked at my meal a little closer. Rather than pancetta it looks like the chef substituted common bacon. At least the bacon had some flavor and so I wrapped what bit of bacon I had with the gnocchi so that I tasted something at least. Unfortunately I ran out of bacon pretty quickly and was left with tastless dumplings which I proceeded to eat, as I did pay for it after all.

Oh well, at least the rest of the family enjoyed their meal. The moral of this story is, if you plan on eating at the Esplanade Hotel in Brighton, stay away from the Gnocchi Genovese!

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