This post is about my experience with Adam Solar. Like so many other home owners I decided to do something about the ever increasing electricity costs of running a household in Adelaide. It was time to do something about it and that meant finding the best solar panel installer in Adelaide.

That involved a hell of a lot of research and getting a whole lot of quotes, to make sure I was getting the best solar panels installation that my hard earned money could buy.

Later on in this post I will reveal which solar panels and inverter I chose and why I opted for a 5KW solar system instead of the recommended 3KW solar system. First I’m going to tell you the top ten reasons that make Adam Solar the best solar panel installer in Adelaide.

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Top 10 Reasons Adam Solar Is Best Solar Panel Installer In Adelaide

  1. South Australian Company: I wanted a South Australian company to insure there would be a higher probability of great followup service if the need eventuated. These guys are actually based in Adelaide.
  2. Solar Industry Knowledge: During my discussions about installing solar panels on my home I mainly dealt with Adam and Spenser and these guys were very knowledgeable and able to answer all my queries about the installation of solar panels.
  3. Physical Inspection Of Job: Where other installers showed me a Google image of where the panels would be placed Adam sent someone out to inspect the job to ensure that it could be done. This would probably be because I explained I had raked/cathedral ceilings and that other solar panels installers said it couldn’t be done.
  4. No High Pressure Salesmen: I hate it when companies try to pressure you into buying something. There was none of that crap with the guys at Adam Solar.  They simply told you how it is and left it up to you to decide, answering any questions in such a manner that was easy to understand. There was none of that talking down to you when you needed them to go into further detail.
  5. Selection Of Solar Panels: Unlike Integra (I’ll mention them again later, and not in a good way ;)) who concentrated on their Black Max solar panels, Adam Solar offered a selection of solar panels that made it easier to compare with other solar panels installers.
  6. SMA Sunnyboy Inverters: My research had put the SMA Sunnyboy inverter at the top of the list as the best inverter around Best Solar Panel Installer In Adelaide Follow Me on Pinterest so it was important to me that the solar panel installer had them available.
  7. Best Price For Solar Panel System: Naturally, cost is a factor and out of the four quotes I got Adam Solar was the cheapest. The Integra salesman wasn’t prepared to offer a quote until after I sourced the other quotes! What’s with that anyway? Needless to say I never called them back. When AGL finally called back I had already given the job to Adam Solar.
  8. Great Service And Followup: I mentioned earlier how they were exceptional when it came to resolving any issues and questions we had. They were also the first one to contact us back. Whether by messages or phone call they were always available. Once the job was done, Adam rang us the next day to make sure we were happy with our new solar panels system
  9. Best Reviews: I was once a salesman and I know better than to take everything they say for granted. That being the case reviews left by others were important in my decision making.
  10. Professional Tradesmen: The installation of any solar system is only as good as the tradesmen involved. The Adam Solar tradesmen were exceptional. They got on with the job in a professional manner and took everything back with them when they left. Apart from my new solar panels it was as if they were never there.

What Are The Best Solar Panels

As to the best solar panels, this is a question asked by many looking to install solar panels to their home. I was tossing up between the Jinko 260W PolyCrystalline panels and the California solar panels. I couldn’t really make up my mind and went with the Jinko as Adam believed them to be the better option. I decided against the LG MonoX Panels, another option, as that would have added another $1000 to the cost.

How Many Solar Panels Needed For A Home?

The amount of solar panels you need would depend on your electricity consumption. The more you consume the more you need to cover your cost. According to AGL System size calculator I needed a 3KW system. This was also confirmed by a couple of the quotes I received. I opted for 5KW because I plan to install a battery system at a later date so I can finally go completely off the grid.

Even though I’m only getting 6c a KW rebate from AGL I figure any extra off the bill will always be a bonus. In the first week of the installation I’ve pumped over 250KW into the grid which is another $15 off my bill.

Another reason for getting extra panels is because I figured that on cloudy days and in the winter month they would make up for the poorer performance generating more than was otherwise possible.

The Truth About A 5KW Solar Power Output

When I first got my solar panels installed I thought they would be producing 5KW as long as the sun was shining. This is not the case. The only time you’re getting full production is when the sun is nearing and at its peak. One to two hours a day. You can see it building as the sun reaches it’s peak and declining as it lowers towards sunset.

Best Way To Utilise Solar Energy

Just a quick tip to get the most out of your solar panels. Make sure you do all your clothes washing/drying, dishwashing and anything else during the day where your solar power soaks up your energy consumption.

All in all I’m entirely satisfied with Adam Solar and would highly recommend them to family and friends.

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