I love Adelaide, which is why I created the Scenic Adelaide Blog. Awhile back I wrote about the Porosa Hike Trail which is part of Cobblers Creek. The thing is there are a lot of lovely places where folk can go for a walk/jog/hike. I found another great place to take my Fitbit Charge 2 for another spin. Check out my Fitbit Charge 2 review.

The Anstey Hill Recreation Park can be found 16km north east of Adelaide. There are heaps of gates leading into Anstey Hill, but I prefer to use Gate 3 on Perseverance Road.

Anstey Hill has roughly 25 km of tracks that everyone can enjoy, from leisurely ones to tracks, like Torture Hill, that will get your heart pumping.

Anstey Hill Recreation Park Walking Trails

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My personal opinion is that Anstey Hill Recreation Park is perfect for raising your fitness level. I mentioned Torture Hill earlier, I still haven’t managed to jog the whole way without stopping but I’m getting that little bit further with every visit.

The first time I explored Anstey Hill I listened to music on my iPhone. Now I prefer to listen to mother nature around me, from the babbling brook, on the way to the Newman’s Nursery ruins, to wind blowing through the trees. Not to mention the birds and the hooting of the koala’s.

I’ve even come across some grey kangaroos on some of my walks.

The views can be quite stunning as well. The image below shows the stage they’ve set up for the Adelaide Festival’s Secret River performance at the Anstey Hill Quarry.

panorama Anstey Fotor

2017-02-24 08.27.40-2Just up from the Newman’s Nursery ruins I cam across the stunning flowers you see there on the left. I wanted to find a bit of history of the Newman’s Nursery and it seems that it wasn’t able to survive two ‘horrific’ storms and the ensuing drought the following year.

Not satisfied with that I kept looking until I found a more complete history of the original Newman’s Nursery.

As for a more complete write-up of the Anstey Hill Recreation Park I reckon this Wikipedia article is pretty good.

When I first explored Anstey Hill my only disappointment was that, unlike Cobblers Creek, there wasn’t enough signage. To my surprise I found they had rectified that on today’s walk. Having said that I reckon they could have done a better job as sometimes I’m not sure where the hell they’re pointing at. 😉

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