I know this blog is all about Adelaide, but every now and again I come across a unique opportunity that I want to share with my readers. But before I get to that and because this blog is a photo blog about Adelaide I’m going to tell you a little about the Adelaide Central Markets. Officially opened in 1870 the Adelaide Markets has been the central hub for fresh produce. Not only does it fulfil the needs of thousands of South Aussies it is also a major tourist attraction. It is colourful, full of beautiful aromas and brilliant colours. Whether you go there to do a bit of shopping or to relax, have a cappuccino while enjoying the bustling surroundings you definitely have to drop in.

I took my cousins who were visiting from Italy there and they loved it. I’m sure the stall owners loved them too because they dropped a bit of cash at the souvenir stalls as will as the sweets and fruit and veg stalls.

Adelaide Market

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Apparently the CheeseFest is something that happens every year in beautiful Adelaide but this week is the first time that the wife and I ventured to Rymill Park to partake in the cheesey delights . As it turns out this was the seventh time Adelaide has held a CheeseFest and each time it has gotten bigger, better and has attracted more cheese lovers.

Luckily we didn’t have to try too hard to find a park, only a 10 minute walk and a pleasant one at that. I didn’t realize we had to pay to get it, $15, but at least we got a free wine glass as part of the entry fee. Once inside, rather than fill the glass with some lovely wine, the line was too long :wink_ee: we headed on over to one of the stalls to try some cheese. We still had to wait but not too long.

The guy that gave us the cheese samples was really good. We started off from trying so goats curd and then sampled several others including a mild blue vein cheese. Did you know that you can tell the difference between cow cheese and goat cheese from the colour? Yep, goats cheese is white and cheese made from cows milk is yellow.

As you can see from the photo quite a few people showed up and Rymill Park was the perfect surroundings for the friendly gathering.

Cheesefest Rymill Park

There was even a couple of celebrity chefs present, namely Simon Bryant and Andre Ursini, speaking about the cheese and dairy industries and even sharing some of their favourite cheese-based recipes. We didn’t take part in their chef speak though because I wasn’t interested enough to pay an extra ten bucks to hear them waffle on. We did try some of Andre’s soft polenta which was topped with taleggio and truffle mushroom ragu. Yum.


You know the good thing about the CheeseFest is that while there was heaps of cheese platters and stuff available there was also a nice selection of other foods, including the paella you see above. According to the wife the paella was to die for. Me I had some pizza but that was only because there wasn’t any pasta to be found :lol_ee:

All in all the CheeseFest was a delight, so if you’re in out neck of the woods around this time next year I reckon you should pop in and take part in Adelaide’s Cheesefest.

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One thing I didn’t expect to see while visiting Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens was a museum. Then again if you were going to have a museum in a botanical gardens you would expect it to house something to do with botany and even though I didn’t have time to check it out completely I did have a quick look inside and it was stepping back in time.

IMG_2872As you can see the exterior of the building looks pretty new but that’s only because it was refurbished in 2009 with the help of a nice grant by the government in 2007. I’m sure in giving the grant they wanted to please locals as well as those who choose to spend their holidays 2012 and beyond.

What makes this building special is that the interior has not changed since the museum first opened in 1881, which is why I said it was almost like stepping back in time. Upon walking in and looking around you will noticed that much of them original displays and display cabinets have survived, many of them sporting the original labels.

If you’re ever in the Adelaide Botanical, Gardens you should definitely pop in to the Museum Of Economic Botany.

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