Just last week I was going to David Jones at West Lakes to buy my 11 inch Macbook Air. On the way there I noticed this beautiful church on Port Road. I must have driven past heaps of times before but I’ve never noticed it. I reckon that ever since starting this blog I must have become more attentive to my surroundings which is a good thing. I made a mental note to stop by on the way back to take some photos.

It turned out to be the Serbian Orthodox Church of St Sava on 675 Port Rd, Woodville Park. I found that Wikipedia had a fair bit of information on St Sava and that link will take you there. All in all it was a pretty miserable day, weather wise, but despite the rain I managed to take a few shots. This one is from the front.

Serbian Orthodox Church

This is one from the rear.

Serbian Orthodox rear

The domes weren’t the only things that stood out about this church either. There were also three intricate mosaics of their saints.

Serbian Saint

Serbian Saint2

Serbian Saint3

Finally I noticed a statue in front of the hall. It’s of Draža Mihailović, the Yugoslavian resistance leader.


I’ve posted some more shots of the church, specifically of the domes, on Photos2Blog.

I first mentioned the Catholic Church at Hectorville way back when I wrote the post on The Feast Of The Madonna Di Montevergine. Known as the Church Of Annunciation it’s located at 20 Montacute Rd, Hectorville, 5073 Australia.

This church was built in 1962 and replaced the original church that was built in 1863. I sure would have liked to see what that church looked like. Still this one has a unique look about it and the interior has some beautiful lead lighting. One of windows is 40 feet high and tells the story of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and Christ’s Passion.

Hectorville Church

Here are some Mass details  for those interested.

Mass: Mon – Thurs 7am; Fri 7am, 9.15am; Sat 9am, Sun 8am, 9.30am (Italian), 11am, 5.30pm, St Marks Church, Cnr Reid Ave & Harrison St, Magill, Sat Vigil: 6pm, Sun Mass: 9.30 am

Phone: 8336 9988
Fax: 8336 4040

    I love churches because their architecture is wide and varied. Although it doesn’t look it the Maylands Church of Christ has been around for just over 100 years. In fact I think it had it’s 100 year anniversary only last year.

    Found on the busy Portrush Rd you wouldn’t have thought that 100 years ago it was surrounded by orchards and market gardens. And yet there is sits today in the midst of all these house. I must admit that it does stand out, what with the turret type tower which has it’s names boldly printed on it with large white letters. The cross fixed boldly in the midst of the tower for all to see, shouting out to all that this building belongs to the followers of Christ.

    There is one thing about these older buildings and that’s even though they didn’t have the technology we have today they still knew how to build them to last. I’m not sure if the more modern structures will stand the test of time.

    Maylands Church of Christ

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