While it is true that Adelaide is known as the “City Of Churches”, and that we do have a lot of churches, the reason for the name is because of our history as a free settlers state, one which allowed all religions and ethnic groups. For that reason Adelaide has a variety of temples, churches and synagogues. We were also the only state never to have convicts and probably our only mistake was that we were the first state to allow women the right to vote. 😀

I thought it only fitting to have a category just for the various more picturesque churches. Where best to start than St. Peter’s Cathedral which is located on the corner of King William Rd and Pennington Tce. North Adelaide. Although the foundation stone was laid on St’ Peter’s Day 29th June 1869 it wasn’t completed until 1901.

St Peter's Cathedral Adelaide

As an Anglican church of note is was built in the Gothic style and almost reminds one of the Notre Dame of Paris. It really looks quite spectacular at night and I will try to post a night shot as soon as I take one. 😉