I reckon this shot would fit in nicely in the ‘raindrops’ series. It’s actually a closeup of a bird of paradise leaf which I took just after it had rained. What I found unusual was that one half was in focus while the other half was crystal clear, so much so you could almost see the individual cells in the leaf.

Rain Drops On Bird Of Paradise Leaf

There is a tree in growing at the Tea Tree GullyTennis club that would definitely be a tourist attraction if tourists knew of its existence. I was lucky to find this tree thanks to a young female tennis player who pointed it out to me. If you are ever in the area you should have a quick look to see if you can find it. The Tea Tree Gully address is 88-100 Elizabeth Street Banksia Park. Happy hunting, and remember to cover the eyes of any under aged children.

The Naked Tree

I reckon that a photographer looks at things differently from the average person. They manage to see beauty where other people stumble blindly by. Even when it doesn’t seem apparent, a good photographer can even create beauty. It can have a lot to do with the lighting, the framing of the subject, the DOF (Depth Of Field) or even the time of day. A photographer may wait for ages for just the right moment.

I don’t think that I am a great photographer by any means but that doesn’t stop me from going out there and taking photos. This would be a great hobby for anyone to take up, especially with the advent of digital cameras which are getting cheaper and cheaper every day. Being digital, you don’t even have to print it unless you really want to.

Raindrops On Red Leaves

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