When we had to find somewhere to host my son’s 21st birthday we wanted somewhere that offered not only a great dining experience for our guests, it also had to have a whole heap of atmosphere. After trialling a few restaurants, any excuse for a good feed, we decided on the Tap Inn which is located at 76 Rundle St. Kent Town.

We decided to hold it in their Sand Bunker Beer Garden as it enabled us to be separated from the other patrons without losing any of the atmosphere. There was about 35 of us at the party and it was a perfect size for us. What was really unique about the place was the huge palm tree growing in the middle of the room.

Sand Bunker

Our wine selection included some Geoff Merrill Savignon Blanc, Woodstock Shiraz and the girls requested some Trilogy. For food we had a great selection which included Tiger Prawns, Oysters Kilpatrick, Salt and Pepper Squid, Crumbed Barramundi, Feking Duckwits, Beef kebabs, Haloumi & Zucchini Fritters, and the list went on.

The food was absolutely superb and we didn’t have one complaint, everyone loved it.

This is a photo of one of the entrances;


If anyone is thinking of a venue to hold a party I highly recommend the Tap Inn.

The Seven Stars Hotel on Angas St Adelaide is one of the many pubs that you will find in and around Adelaide. People don’t just frequent pubs for the beer as the tucker is usually pretty good and it’s always a great place to get together with the mates. If your the type that likes to have a bet or two, you may even try your luck at the pokies. personally I’d rather perve on the shielas and have a beer and a chat with mates.

The Seven Stars Hotel even has it’s own comprehensive website complete with a virtual tour of the interior and views of the function rooms. I reckon these guys are so technologically advance that they would even be able to accept a credit card or two.

Seven Star Hotel

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Located on 41-42 Greenhill Road Adelaide, I’ve driven past this church on many occasions but never took the time to stop and take a photo of it. It really is quite a beautiful church that was established 1946. The original church that existed on the site was demolished to make way for this more traditional Russian Orthodox Church design. The blue and gold domes are a stark contrast to beautifully rendered white walls.

St Nicholas Parish

As is stated on their website;

St. Nicholas is a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. While adhering to Russian Church Tradition, it is a multi-ethnic parish reflective of the ethnic-cultural mix of the state of South Australia.

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated in Church Slavonic and English.

Mass times, photos and other interesting information can also be found on their website.

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