The monument that you see below is dedicated to Sir Walter Watson Hughes who was born in 1803 and died in 1887. Originally from England he made his fortune through investments in the mining industry. The Wallaroo Copper Mine was actually discovered on his property, and the Moonta mine was discovered close by. Naturally he had a major slice of both.

Sir Walter is usually referred to as the ‘”father” of the University Of Adelaide, because it was his donation of ¬£20,000 that led to the formation of the University. The monument that you see here was presented by his nephews John James Duncan and Walter Hughes Duncan in 1906.

Sir Walter Hughes

The next photo shows a little more of the Adelaide University in the background. Since it first came to being in 1874 it has been one of Australia’s leading universities.

Adelaide uni

<a href=”” title=”Adelaide uni by Sire1, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”375″ alt=”Adelaide uni” /></a>

Learn more about Adelaide University by visiting their home page.

The Seven Stars Hotel on Angas St Adelaide is one of the many pubs that you will find in and around Adelaide. People don’t just frequent pubs for the beer as the tucker is usually pretty good and it’s always a great place to get together with the mates. If your the type that likes to have a bet or two, you may even try your luck at the pokies. personally I’d rather perve on the shielas and have a beer and a chat with mates.

The Seven Stars Hotel even has it’s own comprehensive website complete with a virtual tour of the interior and views of the function rooms. I reckon these guys are so technologically advance that they would even be able to accept a credit card or two.

Seven Star Hotel

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I’ve walked along North Tce on many an occasion but I’ve always failed to notice this tribute to the Kaurna people, one of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia.


The thing is that you can’t see it from the road and have to go down the stairs towards the Hyatt. Even then you will not see it unless you turn around. There are two plaques that say about the art work;

These works tell a story built upon other stories most notably that of TJILBRUKE a KAURNA ancestor.
The name YERRAKARTARTA means ‘without design’ or ‘at random’
YERRAKARTARTA how far do we isolate and unravel and what is measured?

The other plaque reads;

This artwork is a tribute to the KAURNA people who are and have been part of this country since time immemorial understanding and observing the immutable laws that bind all things.

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