Rundle Mall is a place full of hustle and bustle. There are people rushing up and down, doing their shopping, perhaps meeting someone at the silver balls or having a coffee at one of the cafes. There is a lot to do in the mall, and a lot to see and I recommend taking your camera.

If you were to walk through Rundle Mall, don’t be surprised if you were to come across four very life like bronze pigs. These very pigs are a constant source of wonder for many Mall visitors and it’s all due to their creator. Marguerite Derricourt is a brilliant sculptor and she did a remarkable job which is why they have become such an attraction for our visitors. Why don’t I introduce you to our special friends.

There is Oliver who is forever foraging for food.


Then there is Horatio, the sitting pig in the background that is begging for food.

Oliver the bronze pig

Augusta is forever giving the kids rides.

Truffles the pig

And of course let’s not forget Truffles who is always just standing around like a typical council worker. Damn me if I didn’t forget to snap a shot of him. Or could it be because he flew the coup, but then pigs don’t fly do they?

There was a time in days gone by
When men were men and pigs didn’t fly
Now many women profess to say
These days are gone and men must pay

For all the times they raised the ceiling
That left the women’s senses reeling
For every time he forgot to open the door
And for the times she was left wanting more

For every occasion he left the toilet seat up
Because he never learnt to wash his own cup
The fact that the poor soul did confess
When asked, “Does my butt look big in this dress?”

For every anniversary he did forget
And every time he got her upset
Like when Valentines Day did not come
Because he was at the pub with his chum

So I am warning all you men out there
If you know one you better say a prayer
Because women have had it up to here
And all we will be left with is our beer

But shit, that’s cool because beer’s real good
And maybe the problem women never understood
Is that men are men until they die
And pigs will never learn to fly.

I just thought I would throw in that poem by an unknown Aussie Poet.

Victoria Square is one of five public squares incorporated into the design of Adelaide by Colonel William Light. Named after Queen Victoria it is the central one in King William St. The others are Hurtle, Whitmont, Hindmarsh and lastly Light. Light Square, obviously named after Colonel William Light, also happens to be where he is buried.

Victoria Square Fountain

You can see the Adelaide Post Office in the background of the above photo and the fountain itself was designed by renowned sculptor John Dowie. Named the Three Rivers fountain it represents the three rivers from which Adelaide receives most of its water—the Torrens, the Onkaparinga and the Murray.

It doesn’t matter from which angle you view the fountain, you get a great view of the city behind.

It seems though that the Adelaide Council is at loggerheads over the future of Victoria Square and have been for quite awhile. Everyone knows that something has to be done, but nobody knows what that something is.

Australian blokes have many things on their mind, but the two things that occupy it most are women and beer. The bloke in this picture uses Aussie ingenuity to put this little beer carrying invention together.


Then there is this stall keeper at the Glenelg markets who is appealing to the Aussie’s sense of humor by having a small “Beer And Bullshit” section at his stall. I reckon he got the attention of a fair few tourists as well.

Beer and Bullshit

I will have some more great shots of Glenelg, an Adelaide’s beach side resort in future posts.

Just to finish off here is a taste of one of our finest beer commercials, Tooheys.

Oh, did I mention that the commercial was banned. I don’t know why.

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